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1.     The academic journal of Faculties of Arts in is a biannual, double-blind, peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by The Society of Faculties of Arts in the Arab Universities.

2.     The journal publishes original works which are not previously published in the areas of arts and humanities, social sciences, and languages.

3.     After the initial evaluation of the paper by the editor in chief, the manuscript is sent to a minimum of two expert reviewers in the relevant area.

4.     Articles may be in Arabic, English, and French. However, all manuscripts should include an abstract in English.

5.     Articles may vary in length, but submissions should not exceed 30 pages double-spaced (inclusive of tables, figures, and appendices).

6.     Font type and size:

Use Arial 14 as the font for the main text.

7.      References:

a.     In-text citations should be serially numbered between brackets ( ).

b.     The references list should contain all the works cited in the text. They should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript by author surname, as the following:

                             i.      Book:

Surname, First Name: Title of Book in Italics with Initial Capitals for Main Words, Publisher, Place of publication, year, page(s).

-e.g. Dayf, Shawqi : The First Abbasid Period ,Dar  al- Maarif , Egypt,1966, p.24.

                           ii.      Journal article:

Surname, First Name, “Title of the Paper Capticalized”, Journal Title in Italics with Main Words Taking Initial Caps, volume number. Issue number, year, page (s).

-e.g. Saaydan , Ahmad Saleem:" On Arabicization of Sciences". Jordanian Arabic Language Academy Journal, Volume I .No 2, July 1978, p.101.

                         iii.      Arabic references, if any, should be listed before the foreign ones. Kindly consult with the Journal’s Arabic website to see how references in Arabic are organized.